There are huge differences between the actions organizations make, and the actions the public wants them to make.

Corporations, governments, unions, political parties, nonprofits, usually make decisions in private even if their decisions and actions have great impact on the public. Many organizations act according to what is best for the organization, or even according to what is best for their own executives - the wishes of the public may be of secondary consideration. Therefore a public platform is required to display the actions the public wants an organization to make.

Samlsvar serves as:

  • a place for interested parties to submit actions they want organizations to make,
  • a real-time, and public record of the popularity of these submissions,
  • a place to connect and organize with people who support specific submissions and ideas.

We hope Samlsvar will make it obvious when there is a difference between the wishes of the public, and the actions of an organization. We hope this difference will pressure organizations to change. We hope people realize that many others support their ideas.

An instance of Samlsvar can be created for any organization. Targeted organizations will benefit from learning of the public's opinions. Targeted organizations are welcome to endorse, contribute, and participate. Verification of users as either employees or members is possible. The identity of verified voters will not be shared outside Samlsvar.

Saml is the imperative form of the Norwegian infinitive verb samle, 'to collect', 'to gather'. Svar is the imperative form of the infinitive svare, 'to answer', 'to respond'.

Samlsvar was created by Kurt Stoll who serves as the Primary Administrator.

Kurt Stoll